The idea of this course originated by realizing there was a gap in general activities on offer for children that require specialized support, understanding and / or monitoring.

There are many dance teachers who offer a space for such children in their dance schools, however, as I have taught & assisted many children of this nature during my career, I have come to see that although dance is fun for them,there could also be a positive outcome for them to greater improve their needs & skills.

It was at this point I became familiar with the DIR Floortime Model and decided to incorporate their philosophies with my Knowledge & understanding of dance, anatomy, music & extensive experience working with children in this environment over the past 30 years.

In so doing it is the aim of Dance Over the Spectrum ( D.O.T.S ) to offer not only classes in dance for fun , but to assist with developing & building neurological pathways for oritory, fine & gross motor skills as well as social skills to better equip the children throughout their lives.

The course will also offer feedback to the parent / guardian & discussion ( where necessary ) to have a clearer partnership between the class leader, student & Parent / guardian in the hope of creating an actual outcome in a fun & social atmosphere

Sharyn Constable