Information & Updates

Dear All,

This is a general note to you regarding NDIS & class fees.

As you know we are a registered provider for NDIS, however, I have had difficulty getting information from them regarding payment for classes and have been told a broad variety of answers which seem to be conflicting.

Today I received information that you all require and most probably are unaware of.

It would appear that you must have the category of - CB Social and Community Participation - in or added to your plan to access registration for payment.

I have discovered that this is not generally offered to participants or explained that you might need it or could use it. It can be added by request of review and put to the reviewer in the following manner:-  " that your child's goals are not being met ". Some examples of enhanced skills/goals are as follows:- social interaction development, cognitive exercise etc. and I am sure you have personal goals for your child that brought you to enquire about DOTS as well.

Hopefully this information will help with NDIS assistance

Thank You

Sharyn Constable