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NDIS Information

Dear All,

At the end of 2019, NDIS imposed an audit for all providers. Our cheapest quote for audit to re register our service was $10,000.00

We have decided that NDIS does not offer enough service for us to renew our registration at that cost. NDIS payments are still accepted from self managed and plan managed clients.

We also offer a 'written quote service' for anyone who requires this or would like this at the time of your plan review. We also offer a 'written progress assessment' for students to quantify the progress your child is making from the service and the continued need for your child to continue with funding for the service. (Of course the child needs to be a student for at least 6 months for us to make this assessment.)

NDIS is looking at changing some requirements for audit to accommodate differing services. We continue to look at the possibility of renewing our registered status with them should this be the case. Our service still follows NDIS guidelines.

Thank you

Sharyn Constable