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The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based model of intervention (DIR) provides a developmental framework for interdisclipinary assessment and intervention for autism and other developmental and mental health challenges. It is a comprehensive foundation model that utilises affect-based interactions and experiences tailored to individual needs to promote development. 

The DIR Model, also known as DIRfloortime, developed by the late Dr Stanley Greenspan and Dr Serena Wieder, revolutionised the concept of development. It was the first model to identify the functional, emotional and developmental capacities that provide the foundation for lifelong learning and relating.

The DIR model training was the first to relate these developmental capacities to the biological/neurological individual differences in sensory processing each person brings to the world. It identified relationships as the pivotal force that nurture and optimise development. Further, it was the first to propose a relationship-based model of comprehensive intervention for the autism spectrum and sensory processing disorders focusing on the core deficits of relating and communicating.

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